The REACH and CLP regulations complement each other. A common element to both is the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of chemicals.

Article 31 of REACH requires suppliers of substances and mixtures meeting the criteria for classification as hazardous in accordance with CLP regulation, to provide to the recipients of those substances and mixtures, the respective Safety Data Sheet. A REACH compliant SDS is prepared in accordance with the rules laid out in Annex II of REACH and respective amendments.

At Pino Pine we provide to our customers the Safety Data Sheet of all our products, irrespective of their classification.

We see SDS as an effective way of transmitting substance related information further down the supply chain, like composition, REACH registration status, interaction with other regulations, instructions about safe handling, storage and use of the product, in such a way that all those who make use of our products can do it in a safe and responsible manner, without posing any risk to worker’s or consumer’s health, nor the environment.

To obtain the FDS from any of our products, contact the commercial department through the following e-mail: